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Finally, an inexpensive way to learn the

Fundamentals of Injection Molding online!


NOW, anyone can learn the basics of the plastic injection molding process, whether you simply have an interest in understanding how things are made, or if you are a lifetime expert and just want to take a brush-up course to keep you up to date, this is the new way to do it.


We all know how the current medical epidemic has affected the way we live. Even learning through seminars has just about been eliminated except through virtual methods, like ZOOM. But, just try to find any online courses that teach anything about plastic injection molding. They just don't seem to exist.


Well. now they do. This is the first of those that we plan on offering, and it addresses the basic process of plastic injection molding and topics associated with it, such as materials, the machine, the mold, secondary operations, and the role of the machine operator. Each seminar contains an optional exam, and Certificates of Completion are available (extra cost) to those who score 72 or above


You can attend this seminar from the convenience of your own home, your office, your desk, your pool, the local Starbuck's, the conference room at your job location, or anywhere with internet access.


AND, you can do so without travel expenses such as airfare, hotel costs, food services, instructor fees, rental car, or parking issues and fees. Take a look at what this seminar offers by clicking this CONTENTS button...


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Now's the time to take advantage of our online seminar offer. You won't find this type of plastic injection molding training anywhere else. And when you sign up for this course, we'll email you as soon as the other courses are ready to access.


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ONLY $29 USD  For 30 days access


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